Crowns cover natural teeth fully to protect and enhance the remaining structures. Dental crowns may be employed to aid teeth that are:

  • Likely to break
  • Reduced by decay
  • Physically damaged
  • Infected and treated with root canals

Crowns protect weakened teeth from the tremendous pressure put on dental structures by the lower jaw. They guard against more advanced problems before they can come into existence, conserving the natural tooth. Standard crown procedure requires multiple appointments, temporaries, and an extended period of time. Maryland Family Dentistry has simplified the crown procedure by offering our patients CEREC same day crowns.

Why Same Day CEREC Crowns?

Glen Burnie CEREC CrownsCEREC (Charismatic Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) offers high-quality, ceramic crowns without the same demanding procedure. CEREC crowns are chairside, meaning they can be fabricated within a single appointment, in our own office. This cuts out the middleman (the dental lab) and the wait for a new crown. By side stepping the need for two appointments and temporary crown wear, this simplifies your entire treatment. You will be prepped for your crown and receive your gorgeous, ceramic restoration all in one day.

Changes To The Crown Procedure

The CEREC procedure is slightly different from traditional crown procedure, being more compact. Its steps include:

1. Your tooth is prepared for a crown.
2. We take 3D images of the tooth for the CAD/CAM (computer aided design and manufacturing) process.
3. Your dentist will use these images and a computerized milling machine to design the restoration and personalize it for your smile.
4. The precise milling machine uses a high-speed diamond bur to craft the crown.
5. Throughout the crown fabrication, you will be able to relax in our office, run errands, or do anything else that your day requires.
6. We bond the crown to your tooth, and your restoration is complete!

CEREC makes crowns even simpler and more comfortable. Learn more by getting in touch with Maryland Family Dentistry.

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