Ellicott City cerec crowns

There are inherently difficult aspects of dental treatment (especially if you’re anxious about the office). But with each new advance in technology and techniques, we improve the patient experience. Ellicott City CEREC crowns are a tool that helps us take leaps forward in patient care. As you can see in the graphic above, CEREC patients are happier and more comfortable with their dentists – and you can join them.

The CEREC process allows for same-day crown prep, fabrication, and cementing. This cuts down the number of times you have to visit the office, and takes away all the in-between steps that traditional crowns require. If you have a damaged tooth that you’ve been hesitating to fix, we urge you to learn more. Find directions to our Ellicott City location, and fill out the quick form below to contact our front desk.

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Why Patients Love Same Day Crowns

  • They skip temporaries – Temporary restorations are annoying. They have to be treated with care, they don’t look or feel like the real thing, and they have to be removed once your permanent crown is ready. With CEREC, you receive your crowns on the same day that your teeth are prepped, so there’s no need to wear a temporary. You’ll only spend an hour or so without a full crown in place, and you’ll leave the office with your new smile intact.
  • They only have to visit the office twice – This includes all crown-related appointments, including the consultation and x-rays. In some cases, we may actually be able to complete all your planning and treatment in a single day.
  • They get immediate fixes – If there’s something slightly off about the crown’s fit, we can improve it in-office. There’s no need for a third party (the dental lab) to get involved, and we can provide comprehensive crown adjustments until the fit is perfect.
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