Glen Burnie CEREC crowns

What if you could trim the crown process down to a single dental appointment?

We know how busy you are – we’re in the same boat. Receiving dental care often feels like the last thing you have time for. What if restorative dentistry could be completed in a single day? If you’re a candidate for Glen Burnie CEREC crowns, that dream can come true. Rebuilding a tooth (or your entire smile) has never been simpler.

CEREC is a revolutionary computer-assisted crown milling process that allows you to undergo the entire procedure in a single day. You save time, energy, and effort, and you leave our office with your permanent tooth in place. If you’re looking for a conveniently-located dentist, our Glen Burnie location has you covered. Just fill out the form below to learn more about CEREC, and get answers to your restorative questions.

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What Patients Gain From Same Day Crowns

  • A single appointment – There’s nothing better than getting everything you need in a single visit. With a standard crown, you need to visit the office several times. CEREC compacts that into one appointment. You have your tooth prepped, take impressions, wait a brief period while the crown is fabricated, and then have it permanently placed. Patients are welcome to relax in the office while their crown is milled, or run errands, or do whatever they please. You can receive your crown on your own time, instead of waiting for it to return from the dental lab and returning to our office for follow-ups.
  • No temporaries – Temporary crowns are stressful. You have to worry about them breaking, and be sure to protect them throughout each day. Since CEREC gives you a permanent crown right away, you skip the temporaries entirely and leave with your final tooth in place.
  • Permanent tooth ASAP – When you have a dental emergency, it rarely comes at a convenient time. You may be about to travel (or in the process), or have an upcoming event that you’d much rather have a tooth in place for.
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