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Glen Burnie IV Sedation Dentist, Columbia Oral Sedation DentistDental anxiety is a grave problem for countless dental patients. Past negative experiences, general nervousness, and a fear of vulnerability make many patients uncomfortable pursuing dental treatment. For them, the dental chair is a thing to be feared. Our team at Maryland Family Dentistry will take every step we can to ensure you receive care that redefines your dental outlook. With a combination of communication, dental sedation, and dental anesthesia, we’ll remove all chance of discomfort and establish trusting relationships with even highly anxious patients.

Columbia Sedation Dentist

While sedation and anesthesia both have a place in dental treatment, they are not interchangeable. Sedation targets feelings of anxiety to relax and soothe patients. Dental sedation will allow patients to face dental treatment without feeling a clench of their nerves. Sedation isn’t necessary for every patient, but makes quite a difference for those that have been dreading treatment. Properly sedated patients are happier, calmer, and more cooperative in the dental chair.

Nitrous Oxide

Maryland Family Dentistry offers nitrous oxide as a form of sedation. This medication is inhaled throughout treatment, and its effects will wear off quickly after the patient has returned to breathing normal air. Nitrous places patients in a euphoric, completely peaceful state, and also aids in prevention of pain. Sedated patients will not focus on what they would normally find to be negative or anxiety-inducing aspects of dental treatment. Moreover, while they will be fully aware and responsive during treatment, many patients won’t remember the complete procedure. This helps to reestablish their dental attitudes as positive ones.

Should you feel that nitrous oxide might help you during your next appointment, just let our staff know.

Local Anesthesia

Anesthesia is provided to every patient undergoing an invasive procedure (anything that may cause pain). It blocks messages from your nerves to prevent pain signals from reaching the brain. Before administering local anesthesia, we will treat the area with local anesthesia to numb even the pain of the shot. You will be completely numb to treatment, and will undergo any procedure without discomfort.

If dental treatment has ever caused you panic, we urge you to schedule an appointment and experience sedation dentistry. You don’t need to feel anxious in the dental chair.

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